How to Throw a Perfect Spiral Every Time

Watch this video and learn how to throw the perfect spiral from former quarterback Danny Freund.

The Grip

The grip is a very important part of getting a perfect spiral.  Hold the ball with your fingertips and keep a space between your palm and the ball, similar to dribbling or shooting a basketball.  Put one (pinky finger) or two fingers (pinky and ring fingers) on the laces.  Go with whatever is comfortable.


Position the ball high and by your throwing shoulder.  Don’t be too tight.  Guard the ball with your non-throwing hand.

The Motion

Keep your non-throwing arm tight to your body.  Don’t point at your target as that can cause you to dip your throwing arm during the throw resulting in the ball coming out low.  Bring the ball over the top.  Finally, follow through and snap your thumb and index finger down toward your opposite thigh.


The key is to practice, practice, practice.  Before long and you will be throwing a spiral on every throw.

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