Flag Football Equipment

Flag football is a simple sport and doesn’t require much gear.  We breakdown flag football equipment based on the stuff that’s required, recommended, and optional.


Required Flag Football Equipment:

Football:  There are two main things to consider when purchasing a football: the material used to construct the ball and the size. Younger kids will use a smaller ball.  The differences in material determine the durability, feel of the football, and price.  College and professional teams use real leather footballs.  However, these can be quite expensive.  Footballs found in the big box stores are generally made of a variety of synthetic materials.



Set of flags:  There are lots of different types of flag sets.  These vary based on how the flags are attached to the belt, the number of flags on the belt, the color of the flags, and length of the belt.

Recommended Flag Football Equipment:

Cleats: Flag Football Cleats or Flag Football Shoes don’t exist.  Regular football cleats or soccer shoes are popular choices.  We recommend soccer shoes, especially for younger players.  They are regularly available, inexpensive, and are good all around cleats for multiple sports.

Cones or paint to mark the field: Any type of cone works to mark the outline of the field and the endzones. For more permanent solutions, field paint is a better option, but takes more time to apply and requires permission from the field owner to apply.


Optional Flag Football Equipment:

Soft helmet: Although flag football is a minimum contact sport, players are running in all directions on the field and may be looking for the ball instead of where they are going.  Concussions are becoming a concern in all sports and some leagues require helmets.

Mouth Guard: Mouth guards will be required when playing tackle football.  Use the opportunity playing flag football to get the players used to wearing a mouth guard and protect their mouths and teeth at the same time.  Mouth guards are also good for protecting against concussions.

Gloves: Receiver gloves significantly improve a player’s grip on the ball which makes carrying and catching the ball much easier. The also keep your hands warm and improve your grip when trying to grab the opponent’s flags.

Playbook: Playbooks come in many forms. Some players like the armbands listing the plays and others use laminated play sheets.


What flag football equipment do you use?

Flag Football
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