Flag Football Coaching Tips

A flag football coach talking to his players

Coaching flag football is a challenging and rewarding experience. Here are our flag football coaching tips.

Teach the Kids to Be Safe

Safety should be the number one priority in everything we do.  The correct form and the correct technique play right into being safe.  This also includes not making plays or behaving in ways that would put someone else at risk of being injured. This includes teammates and the other team.

Learn the Game

Knowing the rules of the game that is being played is critical for being successful in sports.  This doesn’t just apply to the players, it applies to the coaches as well.  We have all seen professional and college games won or lost when someone didn’t know the rules for a specific situation.

Learn the Fundamentals

Blocking and tackling is such a fundamental aspect of sports, it has become a cliche frequently used in the business world to mean “getting back to basics”.  Although there might not be much blocking allowed and tackling means pulling off the ball carriers flags, there are still a lot of fundamentals to be learned in flag football.  These include:

  • How to hold a football when throwing
  • How to give and receive a handoff
  • Hand position when catching the ball
  • Breaking down on defense in preparation for pulling flags
  • Defensive positioning, ball pursuit, and containment
  • Running routes as a wide receiver
  • The center to quarterback snap
  • Understanding the snap count
  • Blocking (if allowed)

Good Sportmanship

Winners and losers alike need to be good sports. No one likes to play with someone pouting and throwing a tantrum when things don’t go their way. But it’s also not fun to play with someone that is gloating and belittling the other players. Teach your kids to be graceful in both winning and losing.

Have Fun

The whole point of playing is to have fun.  This doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be hard work and discipline involved, but at the end of the day, if the players aren’t enjoying it, they won’t stick with the sport.


Lastly, winning.  No one wants to lose.  Even if the emphasis is on the previous 5 goals, and it should be, its always more fun to win. Comparing yourself to other teams also points out areas for growth and highlights the improvement that happens throughout the season.

Flag Football
I am a lifelong lover of sports. I have coached soccer teams of all ages, flag football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball. I currently play in an adult flag football league, recreational softball league, and a soccer league. I am working to become a high school football referee starting this fall.

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